Scooples Jewelry employs fashion forward, creative design to elevate your accessories to the next level.



From simple to exquisite, we've designed comfortable and afforadable jewelry for budgets and bodies of all shapes and sizes. 


We have extensive experience designing pieces for special events and occassions. Choose from our design line or have a piece taylor-made.


If you need your accessories to have an unforgettable impact, voluminous stacking will never disappoint.

Simple designs for neverending style


Our layering pieces are specifically designed with simplicity in mind so that they can be added with any other design for greater visual impact. However, do not underestimate the power of simplicity in wearing these layering pieces alone.


A trendy high volume necklace creates a signature look


Our statement necklaces have been designed to have enough volume to stand alone and even steal the show. If you require a more personalized look, we can create taylor-made pieces specifically for you and your special soiree.



A simple stack becomes eclectic and chic


Stacking is to braceletes as layering is to necklaces where more truly is more. Whether you plan to stack monochromatically or mix your metals and hues, stacking your arm candy amps up your ensemble with ease.



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